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Loyalists Excluded from Declaration of Pardon -  April 1776

On 11 April 1776, the South Carolina General Assembly issued a "Declaration of Pardon or Amnesty" for the captured backcountry Loyalists taken during the Snow Campaign of December 1775.  Of the 136 men captured, a total of fifteen were excluded from the Declaration of Pardon.  These fifteen men were:

1.  Henry O'Neal 9.  Thomas Wisdom
2.  Jacob Bowman 10. Henry Green
3.  Thomas Fletchall 11. Robert Proctor
4.  Patrick Cunningham 12. William Dodgen
5.  Richard Pearis 13. Stephen Prosser
6.  Elisha Robinson 14. John Morgridge
7.  Pinkothman Hawkins 15. Robert Cunningham
8.  James Alexander  

The above men were subsequently released in July of 1776.

(See Journals of the South Carolina General Assembly, 1776-1780, pages 46, 47, 51 and 54.)

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